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Upcoming Classes

Leaded Stained Glass Panel Beginner Workshop

Join Karann at the Sunlight Artistry studio at Whiting Mills to make a four-panel leaded stained glass suncatcher.  You will select precut glass in a variety of colors and textures and assemble your piece using traditional lead came techniques.  You will learn the basics of cutting lead came, assembly, and soldering.  You will have the opportunity to decorate your glass with paper collage to add visual interest, if desired, or select custom enamel-painted glass created by the artist to include in your suncatcher (small additional fee).  Your finished suncatcher will be approximately 4” by 6”.  This is a beginner class – no prior experience is required.  Recommended for students aged 16 and up.

Register for either session. 
$55 per person

Thursday, May 25th 6pm - 8pm

Saturday, May 20th 10am - 12pm

Stained Glass Care

Stained glass artwork contains LEAD in the solder and lead came.  Wash hands after handling the artwork and, as a general precaution, keep the artwork away from children.

Metal solder and came oxidizes over time – this is a natural process that cannot be avoided, and can occur faster in different environments.  To clean and polish your artwork, apply a generous amount of lemon oil (inexpensive lemon oil for cleaning wood furniture is fine).  Wipe the oil on the leadwork and glass, and carefully polish with a dry clean cloth until the surface is dry.  If needed, you can follow up with alcohol or glass cleaner on the glass portions only, to remove any remaining oily residue from the artwork.  If areas on the solder or lead came appear with heavy oxidation (white crusty appearance), these areas can be cleaned with steel wool or the rough side of green or blue sponge, being careful not to scratch the glass, then polished with lemon oil.

Avoid immersion in soap and water, as some of my artwork contains paper or wood components that will warp or discolor when wet.

Terms & Conditions

Every piece of artwork from Sunlight Artistry is designed and hand-made by the artist/owner.  As such, there will be differences in color, texture, and glass opacity between pieces fabricated in the same lot, using the same design.  No two pieces will be identical.  Capturing the complexity and beauty of stained glass artwork is challenging and I am not a professional photographer, so I try my best to post photos that adequately reflect my artwork.  Each piece is an original design by Sunlight Artistry and should not be reproduced by anyone without explicit permission.

 I reserve the right to change prices on any item at any time, as material and shipping costs are constantly changing.


Shipping and Returns

All sales are final.

Please allow at least 5-7 business days for items to ship.

Most items will ship via USPS or UPS with tracking.  I am happy to help you track a shipment, but Sunlight Artistry is not responsible for artwork lost by a shipping carrier.  

If any artwork is damaged during shipping, please contact me directly within 48 hours of receiving the item and I will work with you on getting it repaired in a timely fashion. 

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